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Choosing an engagement ring setting to match her personality

You have found the love of your life and you are ready to take your relationship to the next level and propose. Selecting an engagement ring setting that she will love can be daunting. With so many styles to choose from, finding the perfect ring can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Every ring is unique and beautiful in its own way, but it is important to think about her lifestyle when deciding on a ring that she will want to wear forever. This guide will help get you started on your search for the perfect engagement ring setting.


Classic and traditional

Women with classic style are elegant and graceful. She is put together and successful, and always wants to look presentable. Her engagement ring should reflect her elegance and timeless beauty with its own.

A bigger and higher-quality diamond is sure to be a great choice of stone to complement her style. The classic solitaire setting, where the diamond is the focal point, is a go-to for traditional style. Also consider the cathedral setting, which still places emphasis on the centre stone, but mounts it with arches that raise it above the shank.

Three-stone setting rings are also a classic, while taking a sophisticated twist on the traditional solitaire by adding a stone on either side.


Chic and outgoing

A trendy woman dazzles everywhere she goes. She often tries new styles, but always looks great in everything she wears. Her glamour shines through her personality and style, and her engagement ring should complement her fashionable poise.

A pavé setting with a row of diamonds half or all the way around the band will enhance the sparkle that she already possesses. Or try a halo setting that makes the centre diamond appear much larger with a circle of smaller diamonds or other gems surrounding it.


Nature enthusiast

Outdoorsy and nature-loving women are adventurous and active. They are always ready for what lies ahead and often dress to accommodate for weather or their favourite activities, while maintaining an air of sophistication. This woman needs a ring that is simple, yet breathtaking. For her, it is not about the glitzy diamonds, but rather the intricate details that make it special.

Bezel-set rings are perfect for active women who do not want to worry about losing the centre stone. The bezel setting consists of a metal band that holds the diamond tightly around the girdle, keeping it safe while showing elegance.

There are also many nature-inspired motifs in engagement rings, such as flowers, birds and leaves, that may interest her as well.


Eclectic and romantic

A romantic type with an eclectic style can be difficult to shop for. She loves timeless styles that allow her to stand out with her beauty and grace. She needs a ring that is unique and stylishly enduring.

There are many antique or vintage-inspired settings that will complement her unique charm and go against the grain.


The modern woman

A modern, fashion-forward woman is always looking outside the box. She is nontraditional, fast-paced, and contemporary, and her engagement ring should reflect her allure.

Bezel settings give a new take on the classic solitaire gemstone. Consider choosing coloured gemstones, unique cuts, and unusual shapes to take her ring to the next level.

Tension rings, where the gemstone appears to be suspended between two sides of the shank, are interesting and stylish. Halo rings are also very popular amongst modern women.


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