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Choosing the Right Diamond Bracelet

One of the most popular pieces of diamond jewellery has to be the diamond bracelet, also referred to as a tennis bracelet.

While much thought goes into the purchase of a diamond ring, this is not always true for bracelet purchases. But there are many ways that buying a bracelet is similar to buying a ring, with a few key and important differences.

First, realize that not all diamond bracelets are the same – they have specific styles, such as Vintage, Simple, Red Carpet, etc. If you are unfamiliar with these styles, browsing the choices online can help you get familiar with them and compare what you like about each style side by side. Once you are familiar with the styles and have chosen one you like, you’re ready to move on.

Just like with a ring, you will need to be aware of diamond quality when you purchase a bracelet. Take time to familiarize yourself with the 4 Cs of diamonds and select something that matches your expectations and your budget.

Also, just as with ring purchases, you will need to consider the metal that goes into your bracelet. Gold is a very popular choice and comes in a variety of karat purities. Be sure to take into account how heavy the bracelet may be on your wrist. Finally, measure your wrist to get a sense of bracelet length. Typical bracelets are about 7 inches for women and 8 inches for men. The best way is to take an existing bracelet that fits you well and measure it from end to end.


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