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Choosing the Size of Stone in the Engagement Ring

Finding the right engagement ring can be a daunting task. If you take the time to become well educated on certain aspects of engagement rings, then this task can become an easy and enjoyable mission for any couple. It takes the average couple several weeks of window shopping before they find the style that suits their preferences the best.

There are many things to consider when buying an engagement ring, but one of the key factors is choosing the size of the stone you want in your engagement ring. It is said that many women desire to have at least a one carat weight stone. So you may be asking yourself: what exactly does the term carat weight mean? This is one of the basic things that you are going to need to find out about no matter what stone you are choosing for your engagement ring.

The first thing you need to know about when becoming educated on stones is the 4 Cs, whether you are buying a diamond engagement ring or not. The four Cs are clarity, cut, colour, and carat weight.

Since you are considering choosing the right size stone for your engagement ring, this article is going to tell mostly about carat weight. A carat is the unit weight by which a stone, usually a diamond, is measured. Because larger stones are found less commonly than smaller ones, the price of these stones rise exponentially as the size increases. The carat weight of the stone is the primary factor when determining how much the engagement ring will cost.

There are many different styles from which you will be able to select when looking at engagement rings. Keep in mind that you can also buy a loose stone and have it set into a particular setting that you like best, such as a prong setting.

Cut is another determination that you need to consider when choosing the size of the stone in an engagement ring. Some different shapes and settings may make the stone appear to be larger than it actually is. This is something to consider when choosing your engagement ring because you want something that will look and feel right on the left hand of your bride-to-be. You want her to have something that she will be proud to wear for years to come knowing that this engagement ring signifies the eternal love and happiness that is shared by the two of you.


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