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Combination Stone Rings

A combination stone ring is a ring that has more than one type of stone. In this case, a combination ring would include a diamond as well as another stone.

Combination stone rings can be a twist on a traditional ring. For example, you can incorporate a birthstone of a particular month, such as peridot for august, with a diamond to emphasis the beauty of the two stones.

Playing with the settings also allow those on a budget to find quality gems at a price one can afford. In this way one can afford diamonds if they are smaller carat weight and in a surrounding setting rather than as the solitaire.

A classic combination stone ring is that of sapphire and diamond, with the rich dark blue colour of the sapphire being accentuated with the crystal clear sparkling diamond. Another classic combination includes Rubies and Diamonds.

Fashion rings often feature a variety of stones and come in a variety of shapes to bring out more of a fun feeling that the average jewellery. Shapes may include hearts, butterflies, and flowers or just about anything that can be thought of. The diamond is generally the main focal point of these rings, with other stones being used as an accompaniment to add a little more flair to the ring.

Combination stone rings are another great way to experiment with diamonds. These rings can have just one other stone to accent a diamond, or they can have many different stones. There is no limit to the types of stones that can be paired with diamonds.



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