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Combining Gemstones and Diamonds in Jewellery: A Good Idea?

It can be easy to think that diamonds sparkle in a league of their own while gemstones are off to themselves. But in fact, combining gemstones and diamonds in your jewellery pieces can create a stunning presentation.

Get rid of the idea of the solitaire, combinations may be the way to go.

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to combine gemstones and jewellery is in a circular setting highlighting a stone. Whether you choose a diamond enhanced by a group of smaller gemstones or a stunning emerald surround by smaller carat diamonds, the overall effect highlights the centre gem. The centre gem will also reflect the sparkle of the surrounding diamonds.

Consider flanking a gemstone or diamond with two other stones. For instance, flank a diamond with two sapphires of slightly lower carat weight for a beautiful effect that highlights the sparkle of both types of precious stones. These rings make lovely gifts to commemorate a special memory, perhaps combining a diamond with two birthstones.

Playing with settings also allows those on a budget to find quality gems at a price one can afford. In this way one can afford diamonds if they are smaller carat weight and in a surrounding setting rather than as the solitaire. Similarly, if a stunning solitaire emerald isn’t possible, purchasing a smaller carat emerald highlighted by diamonds will still make a fantastic impact while not draining your wallet!

Gemstones offer the chance to play with colour and setting, to take advantage of new fall trends or to create something unique and meaningful. No need for either diamonds or coloured gemstones to keep to themselves!


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