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Congratulations to our Real Love Competition Winners

Two weeks have passed and our ‘Real Love’ competition has finally come to an end. We asked you to submit your own photos of what you thought real love looked like – and you certainly didn’t disappoint.


The rules of the competition allowed for many different examples of love – from the unbreakable bond between parents and children, to the unquestionable love of 30 years of marriage, and even the love we have for our pets. The pictures you sent us were lovely enough but in many cases the stories behind them were even more moving. Thank you to everyone who entered – there were hundreds of you in total, making it incredibly difficult to choose the top 10 – let alone the winner. We thought just one prize wasn’t enough, so we’ve chosen to award a beautiful zirconia micro pavé heart pendant silver necklace (RRP £99) to both second and third places*.

Ziconia Micro Pave Heart Pendant Set in Silver with 18 Silver Chain First and foremost, congratulations to our lucky winner Ellie! This is her story:


"Real Love is...wanting to hang out with your parents because they mean the world to you (and because they're kinda cool). My parents have done so much for me - they've loved me, guided me, supported me and encouraged me all my life. At times, they've gone without just so I could have whatever I needed. They've watched over me protectively while I've attempted to make my own way in the world but they've always been there whenever I've needed them. They've advised me but never judged me and most of all, they've shown me love - REAL love. I can never repay all that they've done for me over the years but one thing I can do, is make sure they know just how much I love them back. (ps. this is a photo of me, my mum & my dad. You might be able to spot the family dog too)"


Our Runners Up


2. Marcia Jones* "True love is your best friend (June is on the left). We can tell each other the same stories 50 times and we still find them as funny as the first time.I'm a better person when she’s around. Friendlier, happier, and more confident. She’s one of the few friends who has always checked in on me even when I'm ill, low and too broke to go out. She shines like a diamond as best friends should."

3. Amy Briscoe* "Love is marrying your best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. This photo not that you would believe it was not staged, neither of us can dance! Pure fluke and the best picture of our whole wedding"

4. Cheryl Anne Hamilton: "This Love is in the form of unbreakable friendships. No matter the distance, the culture difference, the time zone. This is my soul sister on every level. Miss you Rachel."

5. Karen Nadin: "Our wedding on 2nd September last year, our beautiful daughter was our bridesmaid and we all loved every second."

6. Amber Goddard: "There are so many things I truly love about being with my Husband. He is honestly one of the only reasons I managed to get up and fight and live on After our loss. He is my cheerleader and inspires me to be the best person I can be daily. We have so much fun despite the showers... there is never a storm for too long or one that we can not weather. We are silly (left pic on top line) and I just love the true, vulnerable, gentle and loving soul he is. I feel genuinely blessed to be able to wake up next to him for the rest of my life."

7. Kimberley Jane Mclemon: "This will forever be my most loved and treasured photo I have , sadly in September 2017 the man in this photo my partner and father to my 3 boys passed away we never had the chance to have a photo done all together so some lovely person made this photo of us all together as a family of 5 this photo means everything to me and my boys and it's the only photo of my youngest son with his daddy, family means everything in life, take as many photos as you can make those memories happen because in life you never know what can happen."

8. Laura Wilson: "Love comes in all different shapes, sizes and even different forms !! This is my dog Archie he is there for me and I'm there for him. I work from home so spend every day with him. We have been though so much together. A pet's love is unconditional, all they want is to be loved and cared for, and what they give in return is true unconditional love !!"

9. Adele Keeble: "Real Love 💖 my hubbie and I signature photo been married 26 years and together 30 years after meeting on a blind date..He is my best friend and i still love him the same today as when I first met him."

10. Freja Cook: "This is a picture of my partner and I. We are on the bandstand in queens gardens Hull, where we have spent time almost every week for 3 years now. He's asked me to move in with him, and there's nobody I'd rather be with. True love is staring into each others eyes, and smirking because he needed to wipe his nose." Congratulations again to our winners, we hope the new necklaces sparkle as brightly as you’d imagined. It has been a pleasure to see and judge all the entries. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and keep an eye out for future competitions and giveaways!

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