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Designer Diamond Jewellery

Much like designer fashion, designer jewellery usually sets the trend with regards to the latest styles. Designers such as Amanda Wakeley, create fantastic pieces that can transform everyday jewellery into something special. Designers usually create jewellery that has bold cuts, colours, or sizes and are meant to stand out and appear as works of art.

Old is gold

Designer jewellery is not a new trend, it has been around for centuries. Most cultures engage in some type of bodily decoration. It might be in relation to religion, social status, or even just for recreation.

Designer jewellery created by Italian designers hundreds of years ago is still stunning. Some of the techniques that designers used from as early as the 4th century are still being used today.

Gold has been used for centuries in designer jewellery. From the earliest times, gold has been seen as a sign of wealth and affluence. It was prized in ancient times because it is the same colour as the sun. It has always been a sought-after metal and demand for gold has not lessened in our day.

Not just diamonds

Precious stones also make up an important part of designer jewellery. Designers may create jewellery made from one stone, or a variety of stones. Designers have a keen eye for colour so they can use stones that complement each other. They can also choose the perfect metal in which to set the stone.

Something for everyone

Some designer jewellery is available in mass quantities, but designed by one person only. This kind offers affordability for those who want the designer name, but who may not be at liberty to spend a small fortune on jewellery.

On the other hand, some designer jewellery has a very limited production. Designers may also create only one piece of a particular piece of jewellery, or make a custom design for a special client, making it unique. Jewellery can be very costly when the designer is famous.

Always moving

Designer jewellery continues to be in demand and designers are always coming up with new creations to tickle the fancy of buyers. If you are looking for jewellery that makes a special statement, you might want to browse the wide selection of designer jewellery that is available.


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