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Diamond Carat

It's a common misconception that a diamond's carat value refers to how large it is, when in actuality, the carat is a unit of mass. That said, it can give you a decent idea about size, as heavier diamonds will generally appear larger.  Each carat equates to 200mg, or 0.2g and are divisible into one hundred points of 2 mg each, so your diamonds will be accurately weighted.

Watch our video for an overview of diamond carats.


You can use the sliders to compare different diamond carat sizes to get a better idea of the differences.

Generally speaking, this is the characteristic that most people are concerned with when it comes to purchasing diamonds, but for the most dazzling stones, you need to think about cut, clarity and colour as well.

Something you need to consider when deciding what carat diamond you should get is that cost and weight aren't proportional, so a two-carat stone will cost more than twice as much as a one-carat one.  The simple reason for this is that weightier (higher carat weight) diamonds are much harder to come by, so you're not just paying for the mass, you're paying for the rarity too.

A heavier diamond may be more affordable if you tone down the other three Cs, but that may impact on the astounding nature of the stone.

However, if you want the diamond to sparkle like that glint in your lover's eye, you may want to consider getting a lighter diamond with a better cut and fewer imperfections.

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