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Diamond chokers: when should you wear them?

Throughout history, choker necklaces have played a part in many eras. From a political statement during the French Revolution, to a trend for elite women and royalty of the 19th century, to a dainty and practical adornment for ballerinas, the choker has proven its versatility.

Furthermore, chokers are presented in so many different fashions that every person who wishes to wear one can find one to suit their personality and style. Today, chokers are back in full swing. They can be used as a cute and pretty accent piece to many styles or as an attractive statement piece.

Diamond chokers are an especially appealing because they can add a beautiful glow to one’s skin and outfit. In today’s fashion, the neck is rarely covered, so it serves perfectly as a clean slate from which a stunning diamond choker can shine. So, when should one wear a diamond choker? If you consider the versatility and elegance that diamond chokers possess, then the answer is sure to be anytime! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Formal special events:

This one is obvious. At any special event, such as a wedding or a gala, a diamond choker is the perfect way to show that you gave your full attention to looking your best. Especially with a plunging or round neckline, a diamond choker will take your outfit to the next level.

If your outfit is already striking, perhaps a simple flicker from a diamond choker is exactly what is needed for the finishing touch. A layered diamond choker will add depth and interest to any outfit. Add a pair of boisterous earrings for a dramatic effect, or keep it simple with a delicate pair. When you are wearing a diamond choker, your options are open for effortless style.



When you are at work, your outfit should look as professional and put together as you are. From business suits to smart frocks, adding a simple diamond choker is a great way to show your personal style and individuality. If your career requires you to wear certain colours, consider complementary coloured diamond chokers to add a little flair!


Everyday activities:

Really, anytime is the right time to wear a diamond choker. Going on a date, to a party, shopping, or just hanging out with friends, any outfit can be embellished with a diamond choker. Here you have a lot of flexibility. Try pairing a large, bold diamond choker with a tee shirt and jeans. Throw in a fedora or some fun earrings and you are ready for anything!

A layered diamond choker looks great with an off the shoulder dress for date night. A thin diamond choker with a patterned blouse is perfect for a dinner party. No matter what the occasion, the timeless simplicity and versatility of diamond chokers can accent your life.

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