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Diamond is indisputably the king of all gemstones. When an accessory is adorned with this stone, it becomes a jewel regardless of its material. No one would argue, therefore, that diamond earrings are the ultimate accessory for the human ear.

From earliest to modern times human ears have been adorned with all kinds of beads, bangles and baubles. However, the practice of ear-piercing and wearing earrings was not always about making a glamorous fashion statement.


Pierced earrings were first introduced in the Middle East as early as 3,000 B.C. At the time they were not regarded as a jewellery item, and were used, like most other accessories, as magic objects to ward off diseases and evil spirits from ears.

As the time progressed, earrings came to serve a practical purpose, being an indicator of one's social status in the primitive community. An object of pride for the privileged and a label of inferiority and shame for slaves, earrings would provide strangers with an easy clue about the wearer's religious, political or tribal identity.

Made originally from metals that could be bent and twisted into various designs, earrings became more sophisticated with the introduction of gemstones in the 2nd century A.D.

Throughout the centuries earrings would come in and out of fashion, depending on the dominating fashion trends. For instance, when elaborate hairstyles and high collars were all the vogue, earrings were almost non-existent.

In our times, earrings are one of the most essential fashion accessories for women, used largely to "tie an outfit together" by matching colours with the overall ensemble. Although there are lots of non-pierced earrings, such as Clip-on or screw-back earrings, the pierced type is implied by default when talking about earrings. In fact, virtually every woman today has her ears pierced. The average woman owns a pair of earrings to match every variation of her outfit.


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