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Diamond Rings as Gifts: When they're Appropriate

When you really want to make a statement with a gift, diamond jewellery is the way to go. But diamond rings can be a bit tricky.

When are the most appropriate times to give diamonds as gifts?

The answers really lie in the sort of occasion you’re trying to commemorate and the sort of personality you’re buying jewellery for.

First there is the engagement ring, which is probably everyone’s first answer. While it may seem as though the diamond is the hands down winner, the truth is there is a growing trend toward engagement rings with precious gemstones as settings, such as a stately emerald or a sizzling sapphire. Diamonds are still generally recognized as the gift to give upon engagement.

April babies may appreciate birthstone rings in their signature stone, which is a diamond. Other givers of diamonds may want to give it as a sign of “innocence,” which is what the birthstone refers to.

Other significant events involve anniversaries typically celebrated by diamonds, such as the 60th anniversary. Modern anniversaries, though, are still usually celebrated by diamond rings, whether one has reached that milestone or not.

Other milestones can include graduation or significant life milestones. When people have achieved success or survived illness, for example, diamond rings can be a reminder of these feats. Some like to give diamond rings as heirloom gifts to be passed down and enjoyed by more than one generation.

Whatever the reason, there are many appropriate opportunities to give diamonds as gifts. What matters is that the gift is reflective of the occasion and the wearer’s personality.



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