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Different Types of Diamonds Which are Considered Precious


The diamond is considered one of the most precious and beautiful substances on earth. It is not only used in jewellery, but also used for several other purposes. There are many varieties and types of this stone. Some of them are discussed below:

The Pink Variety

This type is relatively rare and the most valuable category. It is found in Argyll mines mainly. However, there are also some other reserves around the world. The pink variety of diamond is considered nowadays to be the most beautiful of all by many people. Before its discovery the white variety had been considered the most charming and attractive.

The White Variety

This type is widely available and found all over the world. It possesses different shapes and sizes. Those varieties which are found in Argyll mines are much shinier and more brilliant. These diamonds are the most traditional type of diamond and are what most people think of when they hear the word diamond.

The Mixed White and Pink Variety

This type is also found in Argyll mines. It is an expensive type since it possesses two colours together. People like to purchase this variety for jewellery and it is one that is not very commonly seen.

Champagne Diamonds

These are coloured diamonds which are found naturally. Again they are available in different colours, shapes and designs. They are also expensive and are used primarily in jewellery making.

Pink Champagne Diamonds

This variety is very attractive since it possesses a secondary pink colour. It acquires slight or bold flashes of pink. There are three shades you can find in this variety: light, medium and dark pink flashes. Since a pink colour is rare in a diamond, any variety having this colour is considered precious.

Blue and Green Coloured Gems

Blue diamonds are also found in different shades, like sky, dark, light and navy blue. Green diamonds have a superficial colouration as the green colour does not penetrate the full depth of the stone. Both types of stones are in limited supply and they have also been recovered from Argyll mines.

Synthetic Variety

Besides natural diamonds, there are several synthetic varieties out there. These varieties have been developed due to increased demand, and the beauty possessed by these stones. These types are fancier and could be used in different forms of jewellery. However, they are not as precious as the natural varieties.


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