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Edwardian Style Jewellery

The outset of the Edwardian style

The Edwardian period began with the death of Queen Victoria when her son took over as King. Emeralds, diamonds, and rubies were among the most common and fashionable jewels as jewellery designers were able to create elaborate designs with these expensive gemstones.

From 1901-1910 you would have found that many of the jewellery pieces being designed then would be very feminine. This lacy jewellery with many stars, designs of ribbons, bows, crescents, small flower, and wreaths would have given off a delicate impression.

An all-white look

This style of jewellery would have been something that you could have imagined a young bride wearing on her wedding day as the Edwardian jewellery period had most of its diamond engagement rings and jewellery pieces presented for the all-white look. This was due to the fact that many of the jewellery pieces created for that specific design would have included the use of platinum, white gold, beautiful flawless diamonds, moonstones, and pearls. There would have been larger coloured gemstones added to the centre of some of the more fashionable jewellery pieces, but this would not have been very common.

Growing popularity

The most common places where you will be able to locate Edwardian Style Jewellery would be at estate sales or auctions houses. You will also find that there are very few and rare jewellery pieces from this time period that are for sale over the internet. The growing popularity of Edwardian Style jewellery has made these jewellery pieces vintage in nature much as you would find with Art Deco style jewellery or Retro style jewellery.

It was not only the way that fashion was being received by the public during this era that fascinates a lot of people, it was also how the world was able to embrace the changes that were seen in the way jewellery was presented by the women who wore these beautiful jewellery pieces.

Different design options

With the changing of times and manufacturing of jewellery pieces becoming easier due to advancement in technologies, jewellery pieces became more affordable for all. There were several different styles of settings that become widely popular during the Edwardian time period like the Invisible and Millegrain which created many different design options for jewellers. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and brooches were all very popular during this time period as the emergence of fashionable diamond jewellery that was affordable for all people was finally available.


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