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Emerald Engagement Rings: A Hot New Trend

While the rage for diamonds has existed since Mary of Burgundy got her stunner in 1477, there are some celebrities sparking the trend toward emerald engagement rings. If this seems like a surprise, it shouldn’t be. Emeralds have many qualities that make them a desirable gemstone for an engagement ring.

First, consider the meaning behind emeralds. Traditionally, emeralds have represented both love and success to their wearers. What two better symbols could stand for a promise of love? Given the deeply symbolic nature of an engagement ring and the trend toward doing something unique, why not consider the beautiful emerald?

Emeralds also come in several hues, allowing a range of stones that fit most skin tones. The cut of an emerald is just as important as the cut of a diamond, and emeralds still reflect light and sparkle brilliantly. Clarity in an emerald is just as important as with a diamond, so make sure to consider the 4 Cs of diamond buying just as important for emeralds.

If you do choose to go with an emerald engagement ring, remember that there are some critical differences from diamonds. Most importantly, they are not as hard as diamonds are and can take everyday nicks and bangs much harder than a diamond. Special care will be needed to ensure the longevity of the ring. Even rattling around with other jewellery can damage them. Keeping emeralds away from grease and soap is also more important, as emeralds attract these things and can collect these impurities to the point where they require reoiling by a qualified jeweller.

But despite the extra care, emerald engagement rings can be among the most stunning pieces any fiancé might have the good luck to wear!



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