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Eternity Rings

Instead of having one or more centrepieces as with most rings, eternity rings feature gemstones set to form a circle either halfway or all the way around the circumference.

Being a symbol of never-ending love, eternity rings are traditionally given by a husband to his wife as a gift to commemorate their wedding anniversary or to celebrate the birth of a child, or basically on any occasion when the husband decides to proclaim his love again.


The eternity ring is essentially a ring enhanced by a circle of gemstones, that's why its history is that of a wedding ring as such. It dates almost 4000 years back to the time when the Ancient Egyptians established a tradition by giving rope rings to their loved ones as a token of eternal commitment and love. The earliest examples that have survived to date, are simple circles made of metal, set with various stones either on the top half or running the entire circumference of the ring. Some early examples of eternity rings were designed in the form of a snake devouring its own tail, a common symbol which represents eternity.

Modern Traditions

Nowadays, eternity rings are usually given to mark a particular occasion. Presenting your spouse with an eternity ring is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone in a marriage, as this unending circle of diamonds set in gold signifies the time you have already spent together as well as the unending future you want to share. Eternity rings are therefore often presented on marriage anniversaries.

Another interpretation of the eternity ring is that of the eternal circle of life. Because of this, upon first childbirth many wives receive eternity rings from their husbands to celebrate the new-born addition to their family.

Types of Eternity Rings

There are two main types of eternity rings. The full eternity rings feature stones fitted all around the band, ensuring an uninterrupted sparkle whichever way the ring gets rotated. The half eternity ring features a line of stones only in the front part of the band, also known as the head of the ring. Half eternity rings are usually more affordable, and some women find this type more comfortable to wear.

Normally, eternity rings are worn on the ring finger along with the wedding ring. Note, however, that the ring should perfectly fit the woman's finger, as it is unheard of to have an eternity ring resized.


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