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GIA Certificates

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931 in New York. The goal of GIA was to be a non-profit organisation that set new standards in diamond grading that could be maintained to protect all buyers and sellers moving forward.

If you’re buying a diamond within a piece of jewellery, or on its own, there are lots of standards you need to understand and weigh up about its dimensions, purity & value; all of which have been calibrated by the GIA.



An example is something that most people are familiar with; the ‘four C’s’, i.e. carat, cut, colour and clarity, which have all been weighed up and graded by the GIA. Therefore, when a diamond is claimed to be of a certain cut, carat or clarity, the way in which you can be fully sure is if it comes with a GIA certificate or a laser inscription.

Every jeweller and gem expert knows about the GIA, and what it means when a diamond is GIA certified, and you will find that there are many different diamond graders out there, who will most probably all give you a different grade for the same diamond, so your reliability from grader to grader can vary, as some are not that well known and a certificate from them might not be as valuable. So your best bet when purchasing, or even selling diamonds, is to get that GIA certificate – you can’t really go wrong with that.

As long as you have a GIA certificate for your diamond(s), your days of visiting lots of different jewellers to find your diamond(s)’ true value are behind you. All you need to do is call/e-mail any jeweller, and ask for the value of a GIA Certified diamond of ‘xyz’ cut/colour/etc. Not only does this make life a lot easier for you, but it makes it impossible for people to con and rip each other off.

The only thing you need to consider and remember here, is that GIA certificates usually only come with diamonds above a certain quality and value, most likely because not each and every single bit of diamond around the world will likely get its own unique certificate.

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