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Giving Antique Diamond Jewellery as Gifts

Antique diamonds are a great gift for people who love unique jewellery.

Antique jewellery is categorised as any jewellery item that was made at least 100 years ago. However, many people consider jewellery from the 1920s to be antique as well. Styles have changed over the years with new technology and with better mining of diamonds and other gemstones.

Diamonds became popular in the 1300s when people learned how to cut them. In the fourteenth century, the Black Death swept throughout Europe. Even with all of the misery and despair that was prevalent at the time, royals and wealthy people dressed in lavish jewellery and clothing.

Where can I find Antique jewellery?

Antique diamond jewellery can be found in many places. You might be able to find antique diamond jewellery in house sales or auctions, although all auction jewellery is not necessarily antique. If you are interested in purchasing diamond jewellery at an auction, it is important that you get as much information about the piece as you can find before you spend the money on it as a gift.

Know the times

Today, the majority of antique diamond jewellery available is from the mid-1800s through the 1930s. There are five different periods of antique and estate diamond jewellery, although they may overlap for some years.

The first period is from 1837-1860. Diamond jewellery from this period is known as Early Victorian (Victoria and Albert).

Antique diamond jewellery from 1861-1901 is called Late Victorian jewellery (Victoria).

From 1895- 1917, diamond jewellery is known as being Edwardian and Art Nouveau.

From 1919-1935, diamond jewellery is called Art Deco.

Finally, from 1935-1950, diamond jewellery is called Retro or Modern.

A story to tell

Some people really enjoy antique diamond jewellery because they like the style of jewellery that was made in the past. Antique jewellery is also popular because some feel that it offers better craftsmanship than jewellery made today. Yet another reason that some people like diamond jewellery is because they like to consider the history of the jewellery. Some antique jewellery has a special story associated with it and it may give people a sense of nostalgia to own antique diamond jewellery that has successfully stood the test of time.


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