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Giving Loose Diamonds as Gifts

Everyone knows that diamond jewellery is a great gift. If you are looking for a unique diamond gift that anyone would love to receive, try gifting loose diamonds.

Loose diamonds are diamonds that are not set into any kind of jewellery. These are simply the loose stones themselves. The benefits of giving this type of gift are for the recipient. The person who receives the diamond can choose the type of setting that she wishes to use. The stone can be used to create a necklace, bracelet, or ring.

There are as many as ten different cuts of loose diamond stones to choose from. The most popular are the emerald cut, the round brilliant cut, the princess cut, the pear cut, the marquise cut, and the heart cut.

Each cut of stone has an appeal all of its own. The cut of the stone you give is one factor that you choose based on what you think the recipient would like. If you happen to know their favourite cut, you can certainly give them the cut that they like best. Another option would be for you to choose a cut that is different to one they would normally pick out on their own. This would give the person a chance to appreciate another type of cut which is a change from what they’d normally choose.

The round brilliant cut is one of the most popular cuts of diamonds. The round brilliant cut is popular because of its perfect symmetry. This allows your diamonds to reflect a maximum amount of light, which makes the stone really appear to sparkle and shimmer. A round brilliant cut stone is one that many people enjoy receiving and is a safe bet if you are unsure of the cut of stone to gift. The cut of a loose diamond takes into consideration the length, width, and depth of the stone.

Loose diamonds come in a variety of price ranges. The price of loose diamonds of course depends on the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, colour, and carats. It is especially important that you pay close attention to the 4 Cs when you are shopping for the perfect diamond gift for your loved one. Smaller stones with more imperfections will cost considerably less than higher quality stones. The more refined the stone, the more the stone will cost. However, if you are really looking to give a gift that is special, you may want to consider going for a higher priced stone. A higher priced stone is one that will be truly stunning.


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