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Heart Shaped Diamonds

Short description

A Heart cut diamond has romantic symbolism so it is a common gift for Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary as well as this form clearly communicates love and adoration, which are the symbols that an engagement aims to display.

The stunning look of the heart-shaped diamond helps make it a fantastic choice for a variety of diamond jewelry. It is based upon its shape and modifications of the traditional round brilliant configuration or is essentially a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top.


Hearts can either be wide or extended.


Believe it or not, the origin of the heart cut diamond is a mystery, even to this day. Though, the fact is that the heart cut diamond has been around for a long time.  A book was written by Jean Baptiste Tavernier in 1665 and it mentions a 36-carat heart-shaped diamond.  It is more than likely the case that this was the first time anybody in the western world had heard of the heart cut diamond. Popular opinion supports the possibility that the heart cut diamond first originated in India.


Buying Advice

When wanting to invest in a heart, make guaranteed the major arches are symmetrical in appearance. The cleft should be sharp and distinct. Choose heart shaped diamonds with depth 58-65.4% and table 52-64%.The superior factor about heart designs is that they cost about 20%-25% less than round diamonds, as fancy cuts, such as the heart cut, allow the cutter to use the best attributes of the rough diamond and eliminate inclusions and blemishes.

Celebrity who enjoyed wearing the Heart Cut

British superstar Cheryl Cole’s original engagement ring given to her by a famous football player Ashley Cole was a heart shaped diamond.  

FAQ: Q: Which women would suit a heart shaped engagement ring?
A: Women who prefer this shape tend to look at the world through a rose coloured lens. They are glamorous and girly, or romantic and gentle.

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