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History of Baguette Cut Diamonds

The baguette cut diamond is one of the most popular cuts of diamonds for diamond engagement rings. 

The word ‘baguette,’ is one that is of French origin. The word refers to a long, thin loaf of French bread. The Baguette cut of diamond is similar in shape to a baguette in that it is long and rectangular in shape. Learning the history of the ring can provide more information about how that cut of diamond came to be popular in jewellery today.

The invention

The baguette cut of stone was created in the early 20th century from about the 1920s to 1930s. This style of cut was born because of its functionality. When the baguette stone emerged onto the jewellery scene it was during the time of the Art Deco and Art Nuevo period. Western society was very welcoming of the baguette cut of stone and embraced it in jewellery.

The art movements that were popular during the time helped the baguette cut become popular. The rectangular cut of the baguette cut was popular with jewellery makers and it became more and more common to see baguette cut stones of all types become the focal point in all types of jewellery, especially diamond jewellery.

One of the reasons that baguette stones were popular during the time period when they were first introduced is because they signaled a departure from traditional round cut stones. Those who saw themselves as different and daring were drawn to this cut of stone.


Another thing that made baguette cut stones popular was their weight. Baguette cut diamonds generally came in less than one carat cuts. The dimensions of baguette cut stones were what characterised them instead of their carats. Baguette cut stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. This makes each cut in a baguette cut stone more important. Each cut has to be precise and perfect. If a baguette cut stone has poor quality craftsmanship, flaws are seen much easier than in other cuts.

Most of the time, high quality cuts are the only ones that will show up for retail sale. Other cuts are not deemed as good enough to be sold in a retail setting. A baguette cut diamond’s fourteen facets result in an incredible show of fire and light when they are done properly.


Baguette cut diamond rings are often favored by women who want to set themselves apart or who feel that they are different from others. There is something special about a baguette cut diamond that is lovely and clean. A baguette cut is simply elegant and they are beautiful in just about any type of jewellery that one can imagine.



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