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History of Diamond necklaces

Adam & Eve Jewellery

The first use of the necklace dates back to about 40,000 B.C. It was first used for the purpose of decoration and was made up of pieces of wood, stones, bones, and shells. Just about anything that could be found and used to make a necklace was in those early days.

Dating back that far there would be both men and women wearing necklaces with the first bead necklaces created called Adam and Eve jewellery. Beads would later pave the way for the creation of pearl necklaces that we know today.

Types of necklaces

The different types of necklaces that would have been known over the years include the bib necklace which used several different strands along with designs from a bib. You would be able to step or graduate the beads or pearls on these types of necklaces over time. 

A choker is another type of necklace that sits high on the neck, just like the name of it suggests. This type of necklace would not have been worn alone but instead as part of a costume.

There are also princess necklaces, opera necklaces, matinee necklaces, rope necklace, and uniform necklace which are all distinguished through the different lengths that each necklace is associated with along with the different types of gemstones, pearls, or other stones that make up the piece of jewellery.

Classic history

When it comes to the history of diamond necklaces and diamond jewellery, they date back about 150 years or so and they were strictly reserved for the high society and royalty throughout the world. Some have the records as stating that one of the Arpad kings of Hungary, who may have been Andrew I, had some rough cut diamonds set in a crown for his queen. 

Throughout European history, diamonds were highly valued and highly sought after by Kings and Queens alike. The first history of diamond cutters was in the 1500’s which would have given way to the modern diamond jewellery market as we know it today.

Diamond necklaces come in even later than that in history with one of the most famous stories revolving around Napoleon Bonaparte who gave his empress, Marie-Louise, a stunning diamond necklace to celebrate the birth of their son.

There are, of course, other famous diamond necklaces including the Hope diamond. The diamond necklace has always been a rich part of the world’s history.

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