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How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Ring?

So you are thinking about asking your girlfriend to marry you.

Most men want to make the moment of the proposal a very special one. This means that you must be able to select a ring that you feel will be perfect for the occasion.

Engagement rings vary in design, prices, and quality. Therefore, it is important to narrow down how much you feel comfortable with spending on the ring. There has been a saying around for many years that a man should expect to pay two month’s worth of salary on the ring. While this may seem logical, many men cannot realistically come close to paying that kind of money.

The first thing that you should do is start looking at rings that you think your girlfriend would like. Go to a variety of retail stores to get an idea of the design and price of the rings that you may like to purchase. Once you have found some that you like, you can contact several jewellery designers to get estimates.

With the advent of the Internet, many men are also looking online to purchase quality rings at reasonable prices. However, you should be careful to purchase jewellery that has a warranty and guarantee of the gems.

Price is a factor that all men have to consider. Depending on how you and your girlfriend were raised, there could be different expectations associated with the cost of the ring. Some men feel that they need to spend a larger amount of money in order to show their amore that they love them. Others feel as though there is too much emphasis on the cost and size of a ring. Others still, feel that the woman should not require a lot to be spent in order to show they are not materialistic. The best advice is to do everything in your ability to not have to use credit to purchase the ring.

If you intend to propose, you should start saving money for the ring as soon as you mentally decide that she is “the one.” When you prepare for an engagement by saving for the ring, you are showing that you have truly begun preparing for a life with your girlfriend.

While the ring is an important part of courtship, you have to determine what you can financially afford to purchase. Remember that when you buy on credit you are also paying very high interest rates compared to cash. That is money that could be spent on the wedding or even the honeymoon.


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