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How to Find a Great Deal on an Engagement Ring

So you don’t want to be cheap on the engagement ring, but you’re not looking to go broke over it either. You’re probably wondering how you might find a great deal on an engagement ring. After all, although it isn’t all about the ring, you want the engagement ring to represent everything you hope to have together in the future and it should reflect that commitment.

Here are some ideas for finding those deals. Remember, cut over carat!

Although the first thing people want to know about a diamond is how “big” it is, that actually has nothing to do with what people value the most about diamonds – their shine and brilliance. That is all in the cut of the stone. The cut is not the shape, but rather how diamond is cut from the original piece. Those various facets and panels catch and reflect the light, giving it the sparkle effect that dazzles everyone.

Consider buying a set. While all the focus gets put on the engagement ring, eventually you will need to buy rings for the ceremony anyway. When that time comes, you might have difficulty matching the rings with the engagement band, creating stress that can easily be avoided by buying your rings as a wedding set in the first place.

Wedding sets are priced sometimes as much as 50% below the price of buying each piece separately. Online shopping can offer great bargains. By browsing online, you have the opportunity to view the absolute best selection of engagement rings and wedding sets.

A standard jeweller’s shop cannot always carry the variety of jewellery you may be interested in, and online shopping offers many opportunities for bargains as well.

Happy diamond hunting!


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