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How to Find Out What Kind of Ring Your Girlfriend Will Like


Deciding what ring you should get for your girlfriend can be a challenge. Every man wants to ensure that his girlfriend will love the ring he gets her, but every man also worries that he will have chosen the wrong one.

There are several somewhat sneaky ways that you can find out what kind of ring your girlfriend will like. The first thing that you need to consider is the style of your girlfriend. It would not be wise to buy an edgy setting if your girlfriend is ultra-traditional.

Think about how your girlfriend dresses when she goes out. If she is a ‘fashionista’ then it is probably a bad idea to get her a classic solitaire diamond ring. In this case, you should look and see if you can find an avant-garde ring or one that is truly unique.

The next idea for finding out what type of ring your girlfriend would like is to consider her career path. If your lady is on the fast track to management, then an elegant, tasteful ring is going to fit her business persona. However, if she is in a low-key position where more of her personality can shine through, you may opt for a more modern design.

Your girlfriend’s lifestyle should also be considered. If your girlfriend goes to the gym every day, it may not be practical to get her a large solitaire. Rather a ring with a lower profile is more practical.

Once you decide on the style of ring, you need to try and get the correct ring size. The direct way is to ask her what her ring size is. However, most men want to try and get the ring size in a less obvious fashion. If your lady wears jewellery, you can borrow one of her rings and take it to a jeweller to get sized, or download a ring-sizing chart and check this yourself. Alternatively, if she wears her rings all the time, you can wait until she is in the shower and take a tapered candle, slide the ring down until it is snug, and mark the candle. Then take the candle to the jeweller for sizing.

This takes very little time and she will never know that you did it. Always keep in mind that the engagement ring is the outward symbol that you are committed to marriage. If you keep the preferences of your girlfriend in mind, there should be very little worry about whether or not she will like what you select.


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