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The importance of wearing gold or platinum in your ears

Whether you love those bold statement choices or you always go for understated beauty, earrings are the perfect way to help define your outfit. Available in a number of shapes, sizes and styles, finding the right choice in your jewellery box is seldom difficult, but as you buy earrings to add to your collection, weighing your choice carefully is a must. The metal you select to back those earrings matters far more than you may have previously considered.


Does It Actually Matter?

The metal used in earrings has to be comfortable and durable, but many jewellery manufacturers look for a way to cut those costs, and the metal often suffers as a result. After all, a gemstone earring is always going to go for more than a simple manmade stone, no matter what metal is backing it. As a result, some turn to options like nickel, surgical steel, and even aluminum to back their earrings.

While they all fit the bill for durability, they not only make the jewellery less valuable, but they can also cause problems for many earring wearers. As a result, going with metals like gold and platinum that very rarely cause allergies is an absolute must. Buying earrings backed with gold or platinum may mean you never worry about an allergic reaction.


The Other Benefits

Keeping allergic reactions at bay certainly isn’t the only reason to consider gold or platinum for all of your earrings though. There are a number of other reasons as well.

  • Value: Choosing precious metals means selecting jewellery that will retain its value well into the next century. If you plan to wear those earrings repeatedly, you’ll certainly want the value of gold or platinum in your ears, as it’s an actual metal, not simply something invented in a lab. What’s more, though, is that earrings with platinum or gold can easily turn into a valuable heirloom piece you can hand down to appreciative children or grandchildren in the next generation.
  • Beauty: Today’s best jewellers tend to work with precious metals like gold and platinum more than they do any other metal thanks to the higher lustre and natural beauty they present. You’ll rarely find top-of-the-line jewellers using something less than a precious metal.
  • Durability: Choosing a non-precious metal for your earrings means just one thing – you certainly won’t be able to appreciate that pair for very long. You may get a few good parties out of those beautiful earrings, but will they be there in a decade? In two decades? Absolutely not. Only a choice like gold or platinum will be able to last as long as you want to wear them.

Whether paired with a stone or standing on their own in a gorgeous hoop or other design, gold and platinum earrings are the only choice for your beautiful ears. Shop our complete selection of earrings designed from these gorgeous metals now.

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