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Interesting Facts about Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds are considered to be many things; signs of romance, status and luxurious lifestyles.

Although transparent diamonds have been used in jewellery for centuries, many people have taken an increasing interest in the new varieties of colourful diamonds that are now being made available on the market. These new varieties have gained an increasing popularity due to their unique nature and beauty.

How are they formed?

Just like clear diamonds, colourful gems are developed by the intermingling of carbon atoms deep inside the earth. These stones are developed due to enhanced heat and pressure which is found within the earth’s mantle. When these carbon atoms are intermingled with another element deep within the earth’s mantle, different colours are produced which give a marvelous and attractive look after cutting and polishing.

Different types of Diamond?

These types of diamonds are very rare due to the fact they are developed in special conditions which are very rare. The occurrence is 1 in over 10,000 transparent diamonds, and each colour is generated due to the presence of different elements, for example yellow is produced when nitrogen is present, whilst blue diamonds occur when boron is present. Other colours include the extremely rare pink, as well as brown, which whilst still being rare, is more common than pink.

Besides the natural coloured substances, there are several varieties that are artificially developed. These colours have been manipulated by gemologists, who are able to produce a variety of different diamonds. Besides altering the natural colour of diamonds, gemologists can make synthetic colours as well. These can be much more attractive and do not alter the shine of the stone.

Selecting Coloured Diamonds

There are many different colours you can choose from should you decide to select coloured diamonds. As with traditional diamonds you should consider the 4C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat, as well as what colour diamond you want to get. These colours can include pink, red, blue, green, orange and brown. You should pay extra attention to your budget when selecting coloured diamonds, due to the fact that they are rarer they will more expensive.


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