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Is Emerald The Best New Colour of the Year?

Ever popular as a birthstone ring, emeralds are making a real splash in a variety of new ways. Even the engagement ring, once considered the sole property of the diamond, is giving way to emerald trends. Could this make the emerald your best new colour of the year?

There are a few reasons why this might just be the case. Far from being the diamond’s cheaper cousin, emeralds can at times exceed the cost of a diamond, though they do not have the durability of diamonds and will crack or chip more easily. This does not mean, however, that emeralds are out of reach of the average budget. There are many perfectly priced items that offer the carat, cut and hue that will satisfy a careful budget.

Diamond fatigue is probably at the heart of the trend toward emeralds, with fashionistas wanting to make a bold statement in an unusual way. Emeralds have been spotted on many celebrities looking to make a fashion splash.The various emerald hues also appeal to men, and the popularity of this gemstone has skyrocketed.

Both synthetic and natural emeralds are cultured in exactly the same way, which makes this gemstone accessible to many people. A variety of hues means there is probably a shade to fit every skin tone. Far from being a splashy trend, emeralds have long been valued for their sophistication, style and enduring qualities.

As an investment piece or something to brighten a wardrobe, emeralds are sure to shine for years to come.


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