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What kind of diamond jewellery should you give your mother?

When selecting jewellery for your mother as a gift, how do you choose? We often select jewellery for significant others and partners. Choosing for a family requires us to think a little differently in terms of what a piece of diamond jewellery communicates and expresses. Here are a number of potential ideas that are appropriate and suitable. Of course, don’t just do what you see online. Take our advice of course, but add it to what you know about your mother and what she likes. Does she have a penchant for certain types of earrings? Does she often wear necklaces? Consider whether she’d like these suggestions:

  1. Family tree necklaces are beautiful and creative. They can feature a diamond or birthstone for every member of the family. This lets your mother carry your family close to her heart wherever she goes.
  1. Charm necklaces are a nice way of featuring her birthstone alongside diamonds. You can also get creative, and feature the birthstones of all her children, or the entire family – your dad included – much like the family tree necklace.
  1. Keep it fairly light if it’s for wearing every day or most days. If it’s a piece that’s specific for events, with your mother, always go to elegance first. Aim for traditional necklaces with pendant or charm features. One excellent idea is for a coloured diamond pendant surrounded by clear diamonds. The central diamond can be larger and featured in this way. It’s elegant, streamlined, yet features well at gatherings and events.

The colour of the diamond depends on what you’d like it to look like. Brown, or chocolate, diamonds are very in vogue and look lovely while also adhering to the idea of elegance. Other coloured diamonds are rarer. For instance, a blue or green diamond is so rarely seen that it will draw terrific attention.

  1. As an alternative, simple diamond drop earrings are a safe bet. Or you can look for something a bit more regal in nature. Combine a diamond stud and a hanging pearl for the best of both worlds. Or, keep it simple but include a rarer coloured diamond. This keeps things elegant yet makes a statement.
  1. A heart pendant necklace is a simple way of telling your mother you love her. The number of potential designs is endless. You can go traditional and feature something simple and symmetrical, or you can choose something a little more modern with swirling designs and unique icons.
  1. Get creative if you give your mother a diamond ring. Make it about family and personalisation.
  1. Coordinating different elements of a gift also makes a strong statement. For instance, getting your mother a matching diamond necklace and diamond-encrusted timepiece means that you’ve given her complementing pieces to fit with almost any ensemble.
  1. Be creative and seek for help from other family members. You may not want to give up the secret of your present, but it’s worth it if you know you can get more spot-on advice from your siblings or your father. If multiple family members are getting your mother diamond jewellery, you can also coordinate to give her a matching set – with one piece from every family member!
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