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Men's Diamond Bracelets

If you are looking for a special gift for the man in your life consider buying him a diamond bracelet. Many women think that bracelets are for ladies, however, that is not the truth. Men’s bracelets have been around for generations. The traditional ID bracelet of the 1950s is an excellent example of men’s jewellery.

Most women do not consider diamonds when they are looking for jewellery for a man. Oddly, diamonds have been given the slogan that they are a girl’s best friend, when they can be equally popular with men.

There are some who  feel that diamonds are too flashy or gaudy to be worn by men. This too is not necessarily the truth. Diamonds have been associated with the idea of wealth for ages. Diamond rings, earrings, and other diamond jewellery have become popular status symbols. The same holds true for men. A tasteful diamond bracelet for a man can show his professionalism and taste just as easily as any other form of bracelet.

When looking for a diamond bracelet for a man, you need to look at stores that offer men’s jewellery. Most stores have a section dedicated for men, but they frequently do not have a wide variety. It is often better to look for an independent jeweller to get the most options available. Once you find a jeweller, look at the different precious metals that the bracelets are made from.

Men with darker skin often look quite nice in yellow gold, whereas men who are paler tend to look better in silver, white gold, or platinum. Once you select the metal you prefer, start looking at the different styles within that metal group.

As with women’s jewellery, there are a wide variety of options and settings for the diamonds. Some men may prefer larger stones with thick bands. Men who have larger arms and wrists can look quite attractive with the thicker settings.

A man can have different stone cuts as well. Don’t simply ignore a bracelet because the diamonds are round rather than square. Look at the piece and see if you can substitute different cuts of diamonds into the bracelet.

The style of the actual bracelet can determine a great deal as well. Think about the scale of the bracelet to the form of the man. A smaller gentleman who is small framed might look a bit silly wearing a thick, gold band of diamonds on his wrist. Conversely, if the man is more substantial it would look ridiculous for him to have a single narrow strand of diamonds.

Remember that men’s diamond bracelets are as unique as the man himself. As long as you keep this in mind and select a bracelet accordingly, he should be proud to wear such a nice gift.


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