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Men's Precious Metal Accessories

Maybe most men don’t often buy precious metal accessories like money clips for themselves, but they always seem happy to receive them as gifts from a loved one. And let’s face it, they make excellent gifts for all occasions as well as giving a man that extra touch of je ne sais quo when he is out and about.

Despite living in the age of plastic, many men still enjoy carrying cash; so compare the dramatic effect produced by a man who fishes out a wallet from his inside pocket and surreptitiously pulls out a twenty pound note to that of a man who casually peels off a note from a stylish money clip which he slips out of his pocket.

While money clips today may look particularly chic and modern, they have probably been around since paper money was introduced in the west in the seventeenth century. They may well have been in use in bygone eras and it is not unlikely that the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt stashed the currency of the day in a stylish gold or silver clip.

These fashion accessories have made quite a come-back in recent years and can be personalised in many different ways to make unique and fun gifts for the man in your life. Look for one that includes a small plain band on which a name or initials can be engraved.

Another fashion accessory that will be appreciated by any man is a monogrammed belt buckle. Although it is rare to find these created from precious metals they are the ultimate fashion accessory for the man who has everything.

Another special occasion accessory is a set of cufflinks. For the height of elegance and chic these should be sterling silver, or better still gold or platinum. Nothing speaks quality more than platina del pinto, or ‘little silver of the Pinto River’ loved for its scarcity and rarity. A neat, matching tie pin will complete the set. These are not for everyday use, certainly, but they will add the crowning glory to any formal occasion.

What self-respecting man would be without his iPhone or Blackberry, especially if this has its own protective case in gold or silver? There are a number of sleek mobile phone cases and accessories available in precious metals and what exquisite gifts they make. This is surely one of those ultimate luxury accessories no man would think of buying for himself, but would love to own, especially if given to him by that special someone in his life.


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