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Men's Precious Stone Fashion Jewellery

Fashions in men’s jewellery seem to change more radically than in women’s but precious diamond jewellery will always hold its attraction. 

Although there are some men who shun jewellery, most men will willingly wear at least one item of decorative jewellery, even if this is something functional, like a classic watch set with diamonds or other precious stones.

Some precious stones actually look better on men than women. A blood red ruby, the heart stone and emblem of passion, power and majesty often looks better on a man than a woman. A masculine, square cut stone in a ring or on a pair of cufflinks makes a dramatic fashion statement and goes particularly well with the sort of colours traditionally worn by men.

A deep blue sapphire is another very popular stone for men’s fashion jewellery. Known as the loyalty stone and for balancing emotions, sapphires are said to promote will power and sound judgement – all desirable masculine qualities. But there is an understated elegance about sapphires which men find especially attractive.

All precious stones should be set in a good gold weight and sapphires are no different, whether you choose yellow or white gold. White gold tends to lighten the blue of the sapphire while yellow gold deepens it. Like rubies, sapphires complement men’s formal clothing especially well.

Emeralds are not everyone’s choice but this deep green beryl stone is associated with great power and seems to appeal to men who are deep thinkers. Again, when set in yellow gold an emerald will have a deeper hue than if set in white gold or platinum. As the colour of love, emeralds are becoming increasingly popular in rings for both men and women.

No-one can refute the lasting popularity of diamonds in all types of jewellery for both men and women. Diamonds are associated with brain function and the higher consciousness. The stone signifies fidelity and abundance and diamonds have always been a status symbol. They complement other stones beautifully or look striking on their own.

Men’s precious stone fashion jewellery should never be too flashy but rather its quality and simplicity should speak for itself. If a man does choose to wear a large ring, this should ideally be worn on the left hand, if only to make a hand shake greeting a gentler affair. Smaller rings worn on the little finger can be worn on either hand.

Tie pins have been relegated to the past along with collar studs and monogrammed cigarette cases, but wristwatches, rings, cufflinks and the occasional discrete ear stud can all feature precious stones; but if more than one of these is worn at one time, some attempt to co-ordinate the gemstones and metals should be made in order to ensure overall chic.


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