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Men’s wedding ring styles

It’s not just about ladies anymore! Men’s wedding ring styles come in more shapes, colours, and materials than ever before. A wedding is more than just about the bride; it is the groom’s day, too. When two people show enough love and commitment to each other, both should have options to find the perfect ring that will forever symbolise their love. As with any daily-wear jewellery, it is important to match the ring to his personality and style. And, with the ability to custom design men’s wedding ring styles, the sky is the limit. Here, we will consider four categories of men’s wedding ring styles and some options within each.



The classic men’s wedding band is simple and elegant. If you go this route, it is important to get something that is comfortable and suits you. The classic band comes in either a rounded or flat edge, and the width varies based on the look you want to achieve.

Metals to choose from include: gold (white, yellow, or rose), titanium, platinum, or stainless steel. This is not an all-inclusive list and each different type of metal gives a different look to each band.

The finish is also important to consider, as a high polish will give much more lustre than a matte finish. Whatever you decide, the classic wedding band is a timeless favourite.



With new takes on old favourites, these modern bands are subtly enhanced versions of the classics. Combining finishes and metals gives a fresh look to your band. Perhaps a matte centreline with high polished lines on either side is the subtle change that you need?

Or, for a more daring look, try combining two metals, such as half rose gold and half titanium. Copper inlays are also modern and popular. Try adding a simple small gemstone for a little enhancement, or a coin edge for texture.



If you are fashion-forward or enjoy a playful style, then your wedding ring should reflect that. Adding simple details to your band can take it from boring to extraordinary. Some ideas include a vertical, coloured gem stripe, antique scroll patterns, or Celtic knot designs.

Or, for a really dramatic change, a square or asymmetrical band can be interesting. Instead of the usual band style, try a ring setting with the popular black onyx or another gemstone that catches your fancy.



Today, there are so many custom styles that can give your wedding ring a unique look. A Mobius ring, sometimes called a ‘love knot’, is a perfect way to add depth to your ring.

Or, try a ring made of oxidised metal for an eye-catching statement piece. Etchings are ever-popular on men’s wedding bands and can be anything from a simple tree or boat, to a special longitude and latitude, to making the metal appear like wood grain.

If the idea of wood grain in your ring interests you, then consider a wood inlay between two platinum edges. Custom fingerprints are also possible! Get your loved one’s fingerprint engraved into your band for a one-of-a-kind ring.


There are truly no limitations to the possibilities, even using deer antler as a material is an option. Get creative and make your ring reflect who you are.  

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