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Nouveau Style Jewellery

The Nouveau Style period was from 1890 through 1910 when art nouveau jewellery was exotic, expressive, and exuberant. New art or, “art nouveau” in French, was a time period of both the mystical and imaginative world of art jewellery.

Some of the popular items and themes that you would have found during this time period would have been gentle curves in many jewellery designs along with colours that would have been light or pale such as moonstone, peridot, opal, pearls, amethyst, and even citrine.

Other things used to help solidify this time period as Nouveau Style jewellery would have been the use of glass, ivory, horn, and even copper. It would have been common to also find many designs in jewellery fashion to have human forms, animals, bugs, and of course flowers. Popular flowers like irises, lilies, and orchids were prevalent. You would have also found common in the Nouveau style jewellery pieces to have captivating women or imaginary beasts.

The art nouveau jewellery period also used a lot of enameling for their jewellery pieces making it somewhat easy to identify this style of jewellery. Now what you would really find in today’s markets would be Nouveau style engagement rings as they are very beautiful and bold rings that had a lot of class and style for their time period.

Due to the light colours and beautiful characteristics of the nouveau style jewellery, it was no doubt that women would really love this style of jewellery. Some of the unique jewellery styles have developed into beautiful engagement rings. It was also present that Japanese art had influenced the design of Nouveau style engagement rings as Japan fascinated a lot of the jewellery designers of this time period.

Other objects that were commonly used during this time period reflected the fantasy world, so to speak, along with the beauty of marriage and love that tied in well together with all of the nouveau art style. That transcended into the jewellery designs which many saw with engagement rings. Many of the engagement rings of the Nouveau style period were made to tell of story of some sort. They were more than just engagement rings as they displayed many artistic characteristics that have not been seen before this time period or after this time period, making them truly unique in their own right.

The symbolic jewellery pieces were perfect for those who were seeking a special way to show their endless love and appreciation for one another.


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