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How to pack your jewellery for a holiday

Attempting to pack your jewellery to go on holiday can become very frustrating, very quickly. Of course, the more over-packed you are, the more difficult it becomes and the more likely you are to start losing items. Being late for the plane and unable to find a favourite necklace or a family heirloom can be a heart-rending experience, especially on the way back. Looking for something personal in unfamiliar territory can be very panicking. Do you delay your flight to find it, or do you risk losing something important and valuable? In an effort to keep everything together, here are several helpful tips for making sure your jewellery all comes back safely with you.


Everything has its place

Having a place for everything is most important. A lot of us pack at the last minute instead of planning ahead. It’s only natural. Yet, stuffing a priceless necklace in wherever it will fit is a near-guaranteed way to lose it quickly. Luggage has compartments specifically designed for smaller items, such as jewellery. Use these.


Don’t bring everything

Imagine a lost piece of luggage with all your jewellery in it. You’d be devastated. Bring what you think you’ll wear, and leave the rest safe at home. This gives you more room when packing, and fewer pieces of jewellery to lose on your trip. Plan your outfits ahead and jewellery as part of them. Bring a special piece or two you like but aren’t sure when you might wear them, but don’t bring every piece.


Keep it close at hand

Some of us find it difficult to be apart from our most priceless and sentimental possessions. If you’re flying, you may want to keep your jewellery in your carry-on. This is easy if you only bring the select items you plan on wearing (and one or two additional, of course). Flights are nerve-wracking enough without worrying if your luggage – and thus the jewellery therein – will make it to your destination alongside you.


Take extra care of earrings

Earrings are one of the first things to get lost on a trip. They’re small, and when they come out, you may not realise it. Many hotel rooms look similar, but their nooks and crannies aren’t. It’s easy to lose small pieces of jewellery. To keep earrings together, consider using buttons. You can slot the earrings by pairs into the holes in them. You immediately have half the individual objects floating around than you did before, and they’re stored safely attached to larger, easier-to-find buttons. The buttons can also help to protect the earrings from scraping against each other.


Invest in a jewellery roll

A jewellery roll is an easy way to carry jewellery on the go. Somewhere between a clutch and unrolling a pirate’s map, jewellery rolls fit easily into carry-ons and travel bags. Storing your jewellery in separate pockets of your luggage can make you lose track of separate pieces quickly. Storing them in a bulky box can take up too much space and add to the weight of what you’re carrying. A jewellery roll is a perfect solution, and comes in beautiful designs, ranging from fashionable to full of colour and everything in between. They unroll before you and wrap up just as easily. They contain separate pockets for necklaces, connections for earrings, fabric for studs, and straps for rings. They make travelling with jewellery truly easy.


Rely on common sense. If there’s an easier way to keep your jewellery in one place and close to you, take it. Plan ahead a bit, and only take what you'll use or like the most.

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