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Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

When looking to buy that special engagement ring for the lady in your life, the number of options can be overwhelming. The cut, clarity, carat, and colour of the stones can drive a man mad with all of the different combinations. A unique option is a pave diamond engagement ring.

What are pave diamond engagement rings? 

Pave diamond engagement rings are started from usually a platinum or white gold band. The band has a channel cut into the ring where tiny individual round diamonds are placed as close together as possible with no metal showing through. This provides an illusion of the diamonds floating around the finger of the woman.

Because the pave rings are a collection of many small diamonds, the cost for this type of ring is usually less than the traditional setting. The band can also have a pave diamond placed into a pronged setting.

How are they made?

In order to have a pave diamond prong setting, a larger stone is drilled into, making small holes in the base stone. Smaller diamond are then placed into the holes and set accordingly.

The key when dealing with pave diamonds is uniformity. When you run your fingers over the larger stone, you should not feel the smaller stones within it. If you do, the smaller diamond should be reset.

So why should I get one?

The advantage of purchasing a pave diamond within a setting is that it reflects a large amount of light. This, in turn, makes it appear as if the diamond is actually a larger, single carat stone rather than a compilation. A pave stone will reflect light from every single smaller stone placed within it. When the pave band is combined with the pave diamond, the effect is stunning. The engagement ring appears to float around the finger of the woman and reflects a large amount of light. As the woman moves her hands around, the ring literally sparkles like stars in the night.

These rings can also assist a man who has a stretched budget. Choosing the best ring that fits within your budget is the smartest thing you can do. Your girlfriend will love it and so will your wallet.

The one drawback to a pave diamond engagement ring is that because it is made up of smaller diamonds, it needs to be cleaned more frequently. Dust and grime from washing hands and such accumulates in the tiny pockets between the diamonds. It is easy to clean, however. You simply place the ring in a jewellery cleaning solution, brush it softly, and dry with a soft cloth.

Pave diamond engagement rings are unique. Their settings and sparkle make them a great choice for a lady who loves a little ‘bling’ in her ring.


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