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Radiant Cut Diamond

Short Description

Radiant is square or the rectangular cut of a gemstone, which is primarily applied to larger stones. Eight original facets at the top are taken from the emerald cut, and this feature emphasises the unusual colour of the stone and this is why it is called “radiant”. Radiant cuts normally look smaller from the “face up” position than other diamond shapes of the same weight, as a result of their different design. These cuts are often utilized to enhance colour in fancy coloured diamonds. The nature of this cut helps in the concentration of colour and will sometimes push a light yellow diamond into the expensive yellow category.


While some radiant cut diamonds have 70 facets (25 on the crown, 8 on the girdle and 37 on the pavilion), the most common facet pattern has 62 facets (25 on crown, 8 on the girdle, and 29 on the pavilion)the truncated corners help to minimize chipping. 


The Radiant cut was patented in the late 1970s by Henry Grossbard, as a great alternative to the Emerald or Princess cut. Because of the angled corners, radiant cuts lack the setting issues of sharply cornered Princess cuts, which require extra care.

Buying Advice

Lookout for radiant cut diamonds with depth 58-69% and table 58-69%.In the rectangular radiant cut, as with marquise shapes and other elongated fancy shapes, there is an increased likelihood of having a bowtie. Make sure this effect is minimised.

Celebrity who said yes to Radiant Cut

Actress Hilary Duff received the this massive million dollar radiant-cut diamond from hockey player Mike Comrie.  

What is the difference between a Radiant Cut and a Princess cut diamond without the sharp corners? 

These two cuts reflect light differently. The princess cut has a linear life (which creates a black X appearance within the stone) whereas the radiant cut has a circular life, which allows it to reflect light from a variety of angles. The result is a squared diamond with a brilliance that borders on fiery.

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