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Precious Sapphires

When shopping for gemstone jewellery, there is quite a bit to consider before purchasing. Quality, cut, colour, size and setting are some of the details that may seem trivial at first, but a little knowledge can save you a lot of heartache later on.

Sapphires are some of the more popular variety of gems currently available. Like other gems, they are available in both natural and lab created varieties. What most people do not know is that sapphires come it two distinct and brilliant colours. Sapphires, traditionally known as a blue gemstone, can also be found in a blazing pink hue.

When looking for sapphires to purchase, cut is one of the most important items of the stone to consider. Like many other coloured gems, sapphires best showcase their colour and brilliance through their cut. A master jeweller will cut, shape and polish the stone in order to evoke the highest lustre quality possible from that particular stone. However, cut is not the only facet of the gem’s qualities that best enhances the colour and lustre of a sapphire.

One word of caution, though, for anyone trying to secretly purchase a sapphire for their special someone…don’t! Or at least wait to purchase it once that someone has tried it on but is no longer on site when you are buying the gem or piece of jewellery. The right cut of any gemstone is strictly dictated by the size and shape of the wearer’s hand, ears, neck, or wrist. Not only will trying on the piece of jewellery help to pick the right cut of the gemstone, but also the best setting in regards to the metal.

The mount, or setting, of the stone is equally important. For sapphires, it is recommended that the gem be set above the band of the ring. If the stones are to be set in earrings, a necklace, or bracelet, then most jewellers will recommend that the stones be set in a way in which light is allowed to shine through as much of the stone as possible. This allows for the greatest amount of light to pass through the translucent stone and show off its brilliance.

In selecting between natural and lab created sapphires the techniques developed for lab generated stones have become sophisticated enough to make this a personal choice. However, if price is a mitigating factor then lab created may be the best choice when buying sapphires.


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