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Purported healing properties of gemstones

When you think of gemstones, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s images of deep red rubies, cool emeralds and sapphires, and thoughts of beauty and elegance, too. But there’s actually a lot more to these stones, and it’s something that goes far beyond their outward appearances.

We’re talking about the healing properties of gemstones, and how these metaphysical traits are believed by many to have a very real impact on physical and mental health.

Here are the purported healing properties of some of the world’s most popular gemstones:



Amethyst helps relieve stress and create feelings of inner peace, which can aid in improved overall health. The stone may also help reduce occurrences of insomnia and help fight addictive behaviours.



With their beautiful light blue-green colouring, aquamarines are associated with the sea. It’s no surprise then that this stone is said to ward off seasickness and promote safe travels. Aquamarines also help to balance the wearer’s emotions and clear the mind, and it can help to fight fatigue and cure eye-related ailments.



Turquoise holds a very special place in Native American culture, and the stone is widely used for a variety of ailments. As a throat chakra, it can ease pain and inflammation, and it also serves to connect the wearer to practice self-love and acceptance.



Garnet is used widely to promote positive energy flow throughout the body. The stone is also believed to help ease feelings of depression and anger, bringing hope to the person wearing it. It also encourages physical activity that is beneficial to a person’s health, and may help with issues such as acid reflux and blood disorders.



Jade has been a part of Asian cultures for centuries, and it is a powerful and lucky charm that can help the wearer to achieve their goals. Jade is also said to provide energy boosts and to prolong life. Specifically, the stone is believed to help with lung and kidney problems, as well as strengthening the immune system.



Onyx is a protective stone that is believed to intercept harmful electromagnetic energy. It shields the body and mind from negativity and can calm anxiety, nervousness, depression, and fear. Onyx has been used during childbirth to help ease deliveries, and it is purported to speed wound healing.



Valued for centuries, peridot brings with it positivity in all areas of life. This healing stone is purported to help stablise the emotions, impart happiness and joy, and bring about restful sleep and good overall health. Peridot may help with digestive problems, and is said to help heal ulcers as well.



Emeralds have been valued across all cultures for their beauty and ability to bring out mental and emotional clarity. The stone is frequently used during meditation and can help the wearer to achieve better awareness. Healing properties include alleviating headaches, easing joint pain, and lowering the body temperature when there is fever.



Rubies promote inner strength and inspire feelings of courage. Physically, the stone is said to help with arthritis and joint problems, and may even help stave off infectious diseases.

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