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The right age to gift diamonds

Is there a right age to begin gifting diamonds? We often look to jewellery to help us express our heart’s deepest feelings. While jewellery can’t do so alone, it can help emphasise and put an exclamation point on the emotions we’ve already made clear. When your child achieves something unique, hits a milestone, or wins a competition, you want them to feel special. You want to know that they can reward themselves through their own confidence.

That has to come from inside. Jewellery can be used as a reward, but you may not want to approach someone who’s growing like that. Instead, try to think of diamond jewellery not as a reward in and of itself, but as a symbol of a memory.

Think of it this way: a reward is here today and gone tomorrow. A reward is a prize that we put on a shelf. We see it from time to time, but we don’t always treat it as a part of ourselves. The nature of any reward is that we eventually surpass it. Instead, try thinking of jewellery for a child, not as a reward in and of itself, but rather as a symbol that can encapsulate a moment in time. It’s a memory that you can freeze and give to them, that they can hold and remember and take with them into the world whenever they wear it.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong age to begin giving the gift of diamonds. If you think of that gift as commemorating a time your child was able to reward themselves for something well done, they’ll keep it with them always. It can serve as a symbol throughout their lives of how good they were to themselves.

If you think of it purely as a reward, it won't have that same lasting impression of a memory. They’ll think of it as a moment they won something. That is the biggest element to keep in mind when gifting diamond jewellery to a child – that it reminds them of their own ability and accomplishments, that it reaffirms their confidence and faith in themselves.

Diamond jewellery also serves as a symbol to highlight our most heartfelt, proudest, and intimately connected moments to the world. There are celebrations at many ages, and many of these are religious in nature. For this reason, diamond jewellery and pendants are made representing a vast range of religious iconography. Companies do this respectfully, knowing that these gifts mark moments in time that represent not just a milestone in age, but growth in character and spiritual wellbeing as well.

Every religion values connection to others and empathy for the struggles they may face. Some treat iconography differently and so, of course, diamond jewellery companies are respectful of these particulars as well. Ultimately, there’s more that connects different religions and cultures than drives them apart.

When buying diamond jewellery for children, keep your choice relatively simple, creative – a heart or studs, star patterns, flower pendants, a first diamond tennis bracelet. Aim for something they’ll cherish and be proud to wear among their friends.  

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