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Ruby Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are thought of as traditional, and there is certainly nothing wrong with being traditional. However a ruby engagement ring is a good non-traditional alternative.

Non-Traditional Rings

There is nothing that says that you must give a diamond engagement ring when you propose to your loved one. Today, more and more couples are looking at alternatives to diamonds to show their passion for each other. A ruby engagement ring is one type of gemstone available that can be a great alternative to a traditional diamond.

Rubies & Culture

Many people may not realise that in other cultures, rubies were used as amulets and charms. They were thought to have special powers to protect the person wearing them against danger. Some warriors carried rubies into battle to make sure that they were protected, and that they won their battle. It is also thought that rubies are laid beneath the foundations of buildings in Asia to help bring good fortune to the building. Today, rubies are used for all different types of jewellery, including as rings for engagements.

Famous Rubies

Many celebrities are fans of rubies.  Elizabeth Taylor had a ruby ring set that weighed in over 8 carats which sold for over $4 million after her death. Jessica  Simpson was given a ruby engagement  ring by Eric Johnson and recently, Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, gave his bride a ruby ring as a wedding ring instead of a traditional diamond. Zuckerburg designed the ring himself and did not allow his fiancée to see the ring until the wedding day. The precious stone may have been selected because of its cultural significance to his fiancée, Priscilla Chan. Rubies are considered to be signs of wisdom in Asian countries and Chan is American-Chinese.

Qualities of Rubies

Due to the qualities of a ruby, they are synonymous with feelings like passion, devotion, and romance. They are also thought to inspire emotions of generosity. Rubies can come in a variety of shades of red from a pinkish tinged red to a deep, blood red colour.

The colour of a ruby comes from the presence of the element chromium. They are classified as a precious gemstone as well as emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires. The value of a ruby is determined by the depth of colour. Rubies that have a deep, blood-red colour are considered to be the most valuable and cost more than rubies of other colours.

Ruby Designs

Many jewelers offer ruby rings in different designs. One way that ruby rings are particularly breath-taking is when a ruby is surrounded by crystal clear diamonds and set in white or yellow gold. If you can’t find the exact ruby ring that you want to give as an engagement ring, you can have one custom made. Rubies are definitely a way to give an engagement ring that is classy, yet unique.


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