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Should You Buy Your Child Diamond Jewellery?

While diamonds are a popular present, they can also be an expensive gift to give. Buying diamonds for children can be especially tricky, as you don’t want the pieces to be lost or damaged.

Some may think that children are too young to receive gifts of diamond jewellery. But in fact, teaching children how to care for and treat such pieces helps them develop an appreciation of jewellery for a lifetime.

Pick appropriate gifts for a child. Children will probably grow out of rings very quickly, for example. So unless you want that particular piece to become an heirloom, you are probably better picking something else. Earrings are a particularly popular present, as the child never “ages out” of that gift. Diamond studs are a very popular first gift of jewellery. Bracelets and necklaces are also options, though again picking things that are easy to wear and will last a long time are probably what you should keep in mind.

Diamond jewellery presents an opportunity to teach children the value of nice jewellery and how to care for their pieces. Show children how to keep their pieces carefully contained in a jewellery box or separate from other pieces of jewellery. If the jewellery rattles about in the box, the diamonds may scratch (or be scratched by) other jewellery in the box. S

how children how to clean their jewellery using mild, warm soapy water and a soft brush, followed by a soft cloth for polishing and drying. Taking time to learn these habits will ensure they learn the value of their pieces and take care of them for a lifetime.


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