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How to Spot Good Colour in Diamonds

For many years, a large portion of the population did not enjoy the full rainbows of colour diamonds that were available.

While the colourless diamond still reigns supreme, it can be even more confusing to evaluate the worth of a diamond based on its hue, now that blues, blacks, browns and others are being celebrated.

It is important as a buyer to understand what you are investing in. Purchasing a diamond can be a great investment – on an emotional- and financial standpoint. Thus, choosing the stone to buy is very essential. Did you know that the vast majority of diamonds unearthed have distinct colour or large impurities?  The largest percentage of mined diamonds are put to use in industry.  Just twenty percent are consider worthy of use in fine jewellery, and fewer still meet the tremendous standards that diamond connoisseurs seek.

In order to ensure that individuals are making uniform judgment on diamonds, a scale was created that makes use of the alphabet for grading purposes.  Those given a rating closest to the beginning of the alphabet (D-F) are considered truly colourless and will receive greater value, while those near the end of the alphabet will have a distinct yellow colour.  While this does not make them valueless, they are treated differently than those that are colourless of near-colourless. 

Diamonds with pink, brown, black, blue, or other hues are not considered on this scale.  They are evaluated on their own individual spectrums.

It is important to remember that colour is only a part of the overall valuing method for diamonds.  It is just one of the four C’s considered when determining the worth of a stone.  The clarity, cut, and carats (size) of the diamond are also closely evaluated before assigning a price tag.

In order to better assist you in your diamond purchase, Diamond Rocks has created a diamond colour chart (D-J) that properly showcases that slight differences that can be noted at each rating.

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