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The Art Deco Ring

There are so many unique styles of rings available that there are rings for every occasion. With a little persistence, anyone can find the type of ring that they are interested in.

One popular style of diamond ring is the art deco ring. Art deco jewellery is a type of design that is very unique and has a modern feel to it. It comes in a lot of different geometric designs and often feature bold patterns and colours. The art deco rings were extremely popular in Paris in the mid-1920s; a time period often referred to as the ‘Roaring 20s’.


Once you have seen a few pieces of art deco jewellery, it becomes much easier to recognise. A lot of art deco jewellery has squares, triangles, rectangles, and even circles. The patterns are bold but simple and there are strong angles.

Most pieces used only one colour. However, there would sometimes be two colours mixed together for the ring. The colours were very bright and eye-catching.

Most of the art deco jewellery pieces found today are classified as being antique. However, there are some companies that continue to make modern jewellery in the art deco style. These may be cheaper in comparison to their old counter-parts but that does not make them less special, as the geometrical design of art deco is sure to have heads spinning.

Where can I find art deco jewellery?

To find art deco jewellery, especially engagement rings, you might want to consider our selection below, since these rings may not be seen in every jewellery store. 

Many people love these types of rings because of their simplicity and elegance. If you are a fan of vintage jewellery, you may want to search out one of these rings and see if it suits your personal style. This style, though invented in the 20s, still has a place in the jewellery collections of today.

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