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The History of Diamonds

Throughout history, diamonds have been surrounded by myth and symbolism. These beautiful stones have transfixed people for centuries. Not only are modern day people fascinated with diamond jewellery but people throughout history had mythical beliefs about diamonds. Some thought that diamonds possessed special powers, and some thought that diamonds bestowed magical powers upon the owners.

Nowadays diamonds are fairly easily attained, but in the past it was much more difficult to obtain one of these brilliant stones. For many years these stones were only available to royalty. Being the hardest substance on earth, these stones were very difficult to cut and fashion into jewellery before our modern techniques came along. In the past people trained for decades as apprentices just to be given the chance to cut diamonds and design their own jewellery.

Today, diamonds are really considered as a symbol of love. However, in the past they were thought of a little differently. The Greeks thought that diamonds were the tears of the Gods that they worshiped and feared, or they thought diamonds could have been small pieces of stars that had fallen from the heavens.

Ancient Hindus viewed the stone as sources of power. They often refused to cut the diamonds because they thought this lessened the strength of the diamonds. Hindus would sometimes set diamonds into the eyes of their statues.

Many different cultures believed that diamonds brought luck or could ensure that the owner was successful. Diamonds were thought to hold charm or attract others.

In the Middle Ages diamond jewellery was thought to be a sort of charm that had magical powers. Anyone who wore diamonds was thought to have luck, fearlessness, and invincibility on their side. Naturally, this led to the wealthy and royal wearing diamonds to showcase their superiority over the common people who could never afford diamonds even if they worked their entire lives. These stones were lavish and extravagant garnishments for those who could afford to have them fashioned into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery.

Another thing that made diamonds so special is that they needed expert craftsmanship in order to be fashioned into beautiful jewellery. Diamonds are so hard that in the hands of a novice, the stones would be destroyed in very little time. The tools that diamond masons had made it very difficult to create diamonds that were good enough to be set into jewellery. Today it is as simple to get quality diamond jewellery as turning on your computer. Now we can shop online from the comfort of our home and find top quality diamonds in a variety of styles to fit every fancy.


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