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Using an Heirloom Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the best moments in a couple’s life. Because of the nature of an engagement, it is important to get the right ring that represents the couple. One popular idea is to use an heirloom engagement ring.

Family and tradition heirloom engagement rings often have great sentimental value to the family. Frequently, heirloom rings get passed through several generations. Therefore, it is important to discuss as a couple if the use of an heirloom ring is something they want to do. There are brides-to-be that may prefer not to have an heirloom ring. While the option can be emotionally charged, it should be discussed prior to the engagement becoming public.

Different uses of heirloom jewellery

If the bride-to-be decides that she does want to keep a family tradition alive, there are several different ways that heirloom jewellery can be used.

Firstly, the traditional heirloom ring is an actual ring that has been passed down through generations. The ring could be a diamond setting which is associated with a traditional engagement. Or, the setting could be a different stone which was fashioned into an engagement ring. Another option available for heirloom rings is to take a setting from another ring and have it placed into a brand new setting of the future bride’s choice. This can be a great compromise if the bride wants a particular style of ring but wants to include the heirloom piece. The original setting can then be saved or it can be melted down to create the new setting.

A slightly less popular method is to take a completely different piece of jewellery, such as a brooch, and have it made into a ring setting. This method works well if there are precious stones or gems in different forms of jewellery that can be used to better advantage in a ring setting.

A beautiful thing, Heirloom rings can be a wonderful way to join both sides of the future families. However, it is important to be tactful if you would like to use an heirloom ring. While most families are overjoyed at passing down an heirloom, it should be handled carefully. There are always individuals who may not feel comfortable taking the ring or family members that may not want to part with it. If this is the case, be respectful and move on to another option.

Remember, there are no right or wrong heirloom engagement rings. As long as the bride-to-be is excited to be a part of the tradition, these pieces will continue to be passed down through the generations.


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