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Using an old diamond to make a new ring

There are a number of good reasons to take an old or heirloom diamond and set it in a new ring. Old rings can be dirty or damaged, and damage will only get worse over time unless it is repaired. You can clean and repair a ring, but make sure someone wants that particular ring before you do. This leads us to the next reason you may want to set an old diamond in a new ring. A ring may simply not fit someone’s style as well. There’s nothing worse than getting someone a ring that your heart is in and finding they don’t like to wear it. A ring might have a story for you – it might have been in the family for a long time – but this doesn’t mean it will mean the exact same for your partner. Be sensitive to this. After all, they’re the one who will wear it throughout their lives.


Carry it forward

You can carry the gemstone forward without the ring itself. This keeps the heirloom nature of it alive while updating to a healthier, less damaged ring with more modern sensibility. It’s the best of both approaches. Above all, make sure that if you’re using anything heirloom, the person you’re giving it to likes it. If not, talk about what parts to keep and what parts to upstyle.

Of course, this isn’t just limited to heirloom pieces, either. If you’ve grown out of some older pieces but you like the stones they feature, you can upstyle these stones in a similar fashion. Jewellery is there to help you feel better and more confident, to spark your own style and to help you make your own statement. You can’t do that if you don’t like the jewellery you’re wearing, so whether heirloom or otherwise, upstyling is key to ensuring that you feel great with the jewellery you choose to wear.


The process

Many jewellers will be perfectly happy to take an older ring and place the diamond in a new ring. In fact, many jewellers will do it with you there. It’s a relatively speedy process and ensures the gemstone doesn’t leave your sight. This can help with your peace of mind when it comes to having somebody else handle something that’s precious to you – both sentimentally and in terms of value.

When choosing the new ring, you can select from what a jeweller has available or you can create a custom design that speaks to you. Of course, this will take time to fashion. If this is your approach, you’ll have to return with your diamond once the new ring and setting are finished. It’s a much easier process than people think.

Channel settings can handle multiple diamonds, but if you’ve a single, larger stone – consider really featuring it. When you set an old diamond into a new ring, don’t compromise pn what you want. Really go for it. Be bold in your choices and design. The entire purpose is to take the stone from a setting you’re not wild about and put it in something you really love and want to wear. This is a great opportunity to create and wear the ring you’ve always wanted.

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