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Vintage Diamond Rings: A Quick Buying Guide

Vintage diamonds offer everything that a traditional diamond does, while representing a setting from another time and place.

Just like any diamond, vintage diamonds are beautiful and carry the weight of history and feeling with them. There are, however, a few things to consider when buying vintage diamond rings.

Consider this your quick buying guide.

First, understand that to qualify as an antique wedding ring, the diamond ring must be at least fifty years old. But many are much older than that and come from different eras, thus producing different settings unique to that period. You will need to consider both the qualities of that period and the personality of your fiancé when purchasing a ring from an older period.

The Victorian era (roughly 1835 to 1900) produced rings that were elaborately engraved with many motifs, such as representations of nature. If a woman enjoys ornately carved jewellery, this is the era you will want to explore.

Edwardian jewellery, by contrast, focuses on the feminine qualities of a ring. These rings tend to be very delicately designed, intended to express the femininity of the wearer. If this matches the personality of your fiancé, this is the period to go for.

Art Deco rings are stunningly bold, usually made with a platinum setting and feature a wide range of geometrical shapes. This was also the era of Harry Winston and Tiffany jewels.

Understanding your partner’s unique tastes will ensure that your antique diamond ring will match not only her style choices but will be a true representation of the time and effort it took to find such a beautiful piece. 


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