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What are the Different Uses of Diamond?

No mineral that is known to man is harder than the diamond.

This precious stone is produced beneath the earth’s surface under high pressure and temperatures. This gem is developed when carbon atoms are combined together and converted into a crystalline lattice of complex nature.

There are many of marvellous qualities to this gemstone. For example it is very durable, resistant to different chemicals, and can disperse and refract light. It may also be used to scratch metals and glass. This is the reason why diamonds are so precious and are used for different purposes.

If we take the example of the jewellery industry, this stone is used to make expensive and attractive ornaments and jewellery. People view diamonds as a sign of luxury and the rich and famous view diamonds as a status symbol.

Some less common uses for diamonds are when people have them implanted as an ornament for teeth, as a covering for windows, and in high-quality speaker systems.

A diamond is the most popular substance in the jewellery industry and people remain ready to spend a lot of money on diamond jewellery. There are several reasons why diamonds are more popular than many other stones. They produce greater lustre, and no other stone can equal it in this respect.

Diamond is a very hard substance and it can be used in order to cut different materials like glass. And what is used to cut a diamond? Other diamonds, of course!

Those who love this stone like to use it for wedding and engagement rings. However, this gem can be used in all varieties of jewellery. In order to increase the natural beauty and sparkle, diamonds are even placed in metal jewellery. Most commonly, however, they are placed in yellow and white gold, or platinum.

Besides jewellery, diamonds are used for other purposes as well. For instance, there are several industrial applications in which diamonds are useful. Several artificial stones in this category have also been developed in order to meet the industrial demands.

Following are a few of the uses besides jewellery:
For file coatings usage in optical laser equipments.
For windows present on vacuum chambers, x-rays and laser devices.
For cutting and drilling instruments.
For the micro-bearings of watches.

In conclusion, there are several uses of this beautiful and unique gemstone. People like it in the form of jewellery. However, they should consider it for other purposes as well. Diamond is a durable and multi-functional mineral.


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