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What makes Heart Shaped Diamonds Special?

Among several shapes of diamond which you can find in the market, some of those which are special and popular possess the heart shape.

Heart-shaped diamonds are special to many people because of their beauty. These shapes are not easy to make so many people have a special appreciation for a diamond cut in this shape.


How are they cut?

The description heart-shape is self-explanatory. However, it should be kept in mind that there are complex processes via which this masterpiece is created. In the majority of cases, there is a heart shape facet on the top; the whole gem is triangular until the bottom. Many of the heart-shaped diamonds are actually pear-shaped, which is liked by many people who love to wear diamond jewellery.

In the manufacturing of a heart-shaped diamond, the cutting of the cleft is the most difficult part. You can appreciate this fact when you examine the stone at a closer angle. There are several other distinguishing features which make it dissimilar from other varieties. For instance, this type possesses different length and width ratio.

These gems are liked by many, especially those who consider its shape a sign of love and romance.

The bling

Another reason why this cut of diamond is liked by so many individuals is that they seem to shine more as compared to the other varieties. People like diamonds due to their brilliant look and their shine is incomparable. However, among all of the varieties, heart shape stones are considered the shiniest on account of their cutting and manufacturing.

Know your size

There are several factors that should be considered at the time of buying these cuts of diamonds. These gems are available in different colours and sizes. Nevertheless, people like those which possess length to width ratio from 0.9 to 1.1. The reason is that this is the best size to be fitted into jewellery easily.

At the time of purchasing this type of gem, it is important to examine the different features on its certificate. A person should give special attention to its colour and cut grades. It is always a good idea to get information from a reputable jeweller that you can trust and who has a history of dealing fairly with customers.

You can also go to websites that have helpful information for customers and who offer a large selection of diamond jewellery.



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