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Women's Precious Metal Accessories

Accessories are very much a matter of personal taste, so when you are choosing them for the lady in your life, it is useful to know her preferences.

Everyone likes silver and everything that can be bought in gold can also usually be found in silver. However the majority of women will prefer gold to silver for obvious reasons. They are also likely to have strong preferences between yellow and white gold and discovering this should therefore be your homework starting point before choosing women’s precious metal accessories as gifts to mark that special occasion.

Buying women’s diamond jewellery should be relatively easy for any man as there is such an abundance of choice when it comes to buying earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or other body jewellery whether in gold, silver or platinum.

For a personal gift that is not too intimate, a nice wristwatch or gold or silver bracelet to smarten up an existing watch will always be appreciated.

Women invariably seem to carry keys in their handbags and a gold, silver or platinum key chain or key ring can make a great gift. These come in a vast array of designs from funky or novelty items to sophisticated and truly stylish and the gift will be a daily reminder of its giver every time she uses her keys.

Silver or gold handbag or mobile phone charms are much loved and appreciated especially by younger women. Alternatively, if she is an avid reader and has not yet moved into the kindle age, a solid gold bookmark will add that touch of luxury to her favourite pastime.

Gold pill boxes and button covers also make unusual and attractive gifts without suggesting more intimacy than might be intended or desired. Although there seem to be fewer and fewer occasions demanding them, women often keep a pen in their handbags and a slender gold or silver pen makes a very elegant and safe gift. 

At the opposite end of the scale, for that truly sublime gift of gifts, leading brand mobile phones in gold and platinum are now being produced and owning one of these stunning accessories would surely make a girl the envy of absolutely all her friends. Be warned, though, Victoria Beckham’s gold iPhone is reputed to have cost £22,000! However beautiful mobile phones with gold rims and other embellishments are also available at a fraction of that price.


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